8 Interesting But Real Facts About Gifts

Did you know that in China and Japan, people never gift clocks? It is because clock represents ‘your time is running out’. Not an ideal gift to give, right?

Well, there are many such interesting and intriguing facts about gifts that you did not know. Some of these facts can make your jaws drop out of excitement.

For instance, last year’s Cyber Monday was a special record setting day for Amazon.com. What is the big record? Read about it in this article, along with some other interesting facts from the world of gifting.

1. Private jets are the favorite gifts of the rich. Seems like the rich are giving a new definition to the act of gifting! Exotic holidays to the Bora Bora islands and luxury cars like Ferraris have become a ‘usual’ gifts for the rich. Now, the rich has a new favorite. Private jets!

A Virgin charter private jet.

Recently, Nita Ambani got one such gift from her husband, Mukesh Ambani. It was a 2.4 billion rupee private jet! Seriously? 2.4 billion on a gift! By the way, he is not alone. Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, Beyonce etc. also have made gifting private jets a habit.

2. Amazon.com was selling 306 items per second. On November 26, 2012, people were going nuts shopping online. At least, according to Amazon.com.

According to their numbers, they sold 27 million products worldwide on that one day. Which means, for every ticking sound of the clock, Amazon.com was selling 306 items! Ain’t that an insane record?


3. 25% of US population wait for last minute to purchase gifts. Do you think last minute shopping is just a trend that will pass with time? Well, it’s not. Last minute shopping is almost a habit of a huge majority. It is like they enjoy a last minute shopping. They are like ‘I won’t hit the gas station until gauge hits the ‘E’. And according to the stats, number of last minute shoppers are only increasing.


4. Women buy more gifts than men do. Guys, you are not going to like this.

Women buy more gifts than men. And guess what, they spend less too. According to a survey, women are ‘early shoppers and sale seekers’. They set out early and look for the best deals available. And yes, they find the best deals around, unlike men.

According to the same survey, men buy gifts at the regular price. So, maybe it is time to admit the fact – that when it comes to shopping for gifts, women are better!


5. There is a song dedicated to gifting at Christmas. Guess what? It is a Christmas carol. The song talks about a list of 364 items ‘my true love sent to me’ on the twelve days of Christmas. The list covers gifts like French Hens and Golden Rings.

It is not just the song that’s only interesting, but there is something called a Christmas Price Index based on the song.

This index is the total cost of all the items mentioned in the song. It is calculated every year. When it started in 1984, the index was $12,623 and last year, it was $25,431. It kind of gives us an idea about the changing prices of goods in the market.

If you haven’t heard this song yet, Google it and hear it. Oh, and don’t miss the comedy version of the song by Members of the Navy Sea Chanters.


6. Online gifts have a day. The online marketers know their stuff! A few years back, these people came up with the idea of Cyber Monday to attract more customers to online shopping. It went viral in no time!

On December 12, 2012, Cyber Monday made its debut in Indian market. Google played the role of the curator. Many shopping portals in our country joined hands to celebrate the newly born Cyber Monday. According to sources, the first ever Cyber Monday in India was insanely successful.


7. ‘Gifts’ & ‘Presents’ are not exactly same. Gifts and presents are used interchangeably, but do you know, they not exactly same? According to dictionary.com, when you give something to the recipient at a ceremony, it is a present.

Let it be wedding or birthday. Yes, we used to call it wedding gifts or birthday gifts. But by the new knowledge we have just learned, we have to pronounce it as wedding presents andbirthday presents!

There is another explanation too. Present is something passed between equals or from ‘low to high’. Gift is passed from ‘high to low’ and is valuable than a present. Let me explain. You give your friend a present. You buy a present for the minister. But, God gave you the gift of life. You gift a huge donation to some charity. See the difference?


8. Expensive gifts received from close family do not attract gift tax in India. Did you know that from 1998 to 2004, no taxes were levied on gifts in India? You can guess what happened next, rampant money laundering. So now, gifts are taxable. Not every gift, there are exemptions.

For example, gifts you receive from close relatives are non-taxable. But who are these ‘close relatives’? Well, there is a clear definition for that too. Also, wedding gifts and gifts received under a will are non-taxable.

So, these are some goofy and interesting facts about gifts and gift giving around the world. Along with the interesting facts, there are some informative ones too, like the Christmas Price Index and gift tax.



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